Happy Birthday Danny

Danny had a big birthday this year (but the exact number will remain our little secret).
Danny started back up with High Tech just recently however, he is no stranger to these parts. Most of us have known Danny since the mid 80's (like 1985 to be exact) when he was part of the logging crew back in the 'good ole days'.
Danny was also here at High Tech's beginnings in 1995 and teamed with Pam on many road trips. On one of those trips Danny acquired his infamous nickname "Beetlejuice". It's still what we call him to this day!
Not only is Danny part of the family here at High Tech, he is a well traveled truck driver. He's been all over this country and knows most parts of the United States better than anyone here, it seems he's done it all.
Danny is also an active grandfather, raising his beautiful granddaughter out in the country east of Flagstaff with his wife Sherri. This summer they will be expanding their family and welcoming another sweet girl into their loving home. I can honestly say that his granddaughters are very lucky to have him in their lives, he's very proud of them and is making sure they have a good life.
We all enjoy Danny's stories and great sense of humor. It's good to have you back here Danny.
Hope your birthday is wonderful!