Jul 2012

Your Tractor of Choice

What do you drive?

If you are a professional driver, what tractor are you spending all your time in? Is it the tractor you'd choose if you had the choice?

Here at High Tech Transportation we drive Kenworth Trucks. Tried and true, we have been trucking with Kenworth for decades. From the logging days to the present, we still have a soft spot for those Kenworth tractors!
Currently our fleet has T800's, T600's, and W900's.

Most of our KW's have Cummins and CAT engines, both of which we prefer for our trucks and our sister company is a Cummins dealer so it really works out well all around.

Here are two American "Idols" of the trucking world:

First lets talk KW (only because I am a little biased). An all american company and the first of it's kind, now that's something to be proud of!
The company was originally started in Portland Oregon in 1912 when two brothers decided to build their own truck with a powerful inline six-cylinder engine (gasp! can you believe that), the first of it's breed. In 1916, the company moved to Washington. Edgar Worthington and Harry Kent were partners and in 1923 they reincorporated the business as the Kenworth Motor Truck Company. In 1926, they started making buses and in 1933 they were the first American company to offer diesel engines standard in their trucks (awesome). In 1957 KW produced the first cab-over-engine model (I have fond memories as a child, trucking in a cab-over).
KW's are known for their quality, high resale value amongst the class 8 trucks and low operating costs.

Are you a Peterbilt fan? I can't argue that these are great tractors and for me (and only IMO), a very close runner up to my all time love, the KW.
Founded in 1939 by T.A. Peterman who was looking to solve a lumber logistics problem. He needed to get logs from the forest to the mill & he needed to do it efficiently and timely. How can you not love a tractor originally produced/founded by a logger. Now that's some great history! And being a logger's daughter, I have a lot of pride for the logging industry.

There are a lot of options out there and when it comes right down to it, quality has always been our driving force. We are proud to drive American Made Tractors and we want our drivers to have reliable units to do their jobs well !

Here is Doug, showing off his KW T800:

KW Doug

What do you drive & why do you like it? We want to hear your voice!


Be a part of our Team!


We are always looking for good drivers to add to our already amazing team.

If you live in the area (Flagstaff AZ.) and would be interested in joining our team, please feel free to bring in an application (click here for application).


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Happy Birthday James

James turned the big 37 today! He maintains a youthful look of 25, and I'm sure he still gets carded when he goes out (lucky guy!)
James started with High Tech in September of 2011 maintaining the yard in Bellemont for one of our top customers. He is well thought of and received many compliments for his hard work ethic. James drove the yard spotter up until May of 2012 when he was recruited by our sister company, Flag Truck Center and is currently training to be a professional mechanic.
James proudly showed us his new tattoo that he finished on his shoulder, a birthday gift from his talented brother.
We enjoy having James as part of the Flag Truck and High Tech team. James is well liked by all that work with him here and I'm sure he has many friends who'd say the same.
If you see a custom, white, Honda Civic zipping by you on Route 66; loud and fast, that's probably our James!
Hope your year is great James, we're glad you're part of the team. Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th of July

"America was not built on fear.
America was built on courage,
on imagination
and an unbeatable determination
to do the job at hand."

Author: H.S. Truman