Oct 2012

Happy Birthday Yazzie

Happy Birthday Yazzie!


Happy Birthday to one of the most proficient, hard working mechanics I have ever met. If you've ever been to Flag Truck Center, chances are you've met (or seen) Yazzie, he practically lives here. Yazzie is a certified Mac & Volvo service technician. He is an expert in his field and well respected by his coworkers for his abilities and experience. He has been with Flag Truck Center for over 10 years, his knowledge is priceless.
It seems like Yazzie can do anything, from oil changes to rebuilding an entire engine, he's the go-to guy. Heavy duty truck repair is Yazzie's second nature.
Yazzie is a proud father, rancher and bull rider. He takes time to watch his kids play numerous sports, ride horses on his ranch located near Page, AZ and enjoys a little crazy-adventure by riding bulls and attending rodeo's.
Yazzie has a contagious laugh and a big heart. We know he'll show up to work every day, he is always here and this place isn't the same when he's gone (and that's rare).
Happy Birthday Yazzie-Motto! Hope it's fabulous.

Happy Birthday Brian

Happy Birthday Brian!


Brian celebrated his birthday today and it was yummy! Cream filled, strawberry-cake-kind-of-yummy. However, I do have to admit that although the cake was good, it was no where near as tasty as the treats Brian's wife brings in to share with us here at work. Brian's wife can bake and it is the most delicious baking I have EVER had, no lies! So I'm sure Brian was spoiled with something terribly delicious for his birthday, and he deserves it!
Brian is a very hard working, versatile and eager team player. He has been with High Tech for 3.5 years, mainly as a local yard driver for one of our top customers. Hard working describes Brian to a 'T'. This man never turns down extra work, from long shifts at the yard to driving over-the-road and filling in for other drivers, his name is consistently on the schedule, always doing something and helping out somewhere. Brian is a HUGE asset to this company and we appreciate all his hard work and efforts… without him, things would not run as smoothly as they do. Thank you for all your hard work, your good energy and happy birthday to a good man! Hope it's wonderful!

Happy Birthday Larry


Happy Birthday to a well respected, very knowledgable, easy going, and super funny guy! Larry celebrated his birthday this past weekend and we had cake on Monday to prove it!
Larry has been with Flag Truck Center for almost 7 years as the parts and service manager. He is well known around town for his expertise in the heavy duty truck repair industry, he' been doing it nearly his entire life. Flag Truck Center is very lucky to have Larry on their team; he's a great work colleague, mentor and friend to all he works with.
Larry has three beautiful granddaughters of whom he talks highly of and adores greatly. Larry enjoys hanging out with his family, riding quads at the cinders and working at Flag Truck Center {wink, wink}. I can say that without Larry around here, it would be a a very dull environment. Larry keeps us on our toes, from the daily news to the best fishing holes and all the good/funny stuff in between, there is never a dull moment.
Hope your birthday was fabulous Larry, from your friends and colleagues here at High Tech and Flag Truck, we send you many, many happy wishes for an amazing year ahead!