Sep 2012

Transporting a 988G

Transporting a 988G
Now that's a big loader!

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Transport Specs for this load:
13.5 ft height
11.5 ft wide
34.1 ft length
95,604 lbs operating weight

That's a big load!


Moving a D8

Transport Specs for this load:
11.5 ft height
8.7 ft wide + blade width
21 ft length
73,850 lbs operating weight

That's a big dozer!

Happy Birthday Rod!

Happy Birthday Rod!
& welcome aboard :)
Rod celebrated his birthday today and he started working here at High Tech today too!
Rod may be our newest team member here at HTTI but he is a well known friend/colleague to all of us! Rod is a familiar face as he's been trucking/logging/equipment hauling for years and years (even though he's only 24! wink, wink).
I've personally known Rod my whole life and have many fond memories of growing up skiing together and hanging out with his family.
He brings a wealth of knowledge to the High Tech team and invaluable experience.
It's great to have another familiar guy on our team, and it's even better to have a friend.
Happy Birthday Rod, hope it was great and WELCOME TO THE TEAM! It's great to have you here… we're looking forward to what the future brings.