Employee Relations

Happy Birthday Dale


Youthful looking Dale is one of our hard working over-the-road drivers. Dale has been with High Tech for 3 years in June and it has been a great three years thus far. Dale came to High Tech with a lot of trucking background and vast knowledge for the industry. Dale is sometimes teased for his slow driving ways but we have to hand it to him, his fuel mileage is top notch and we appreciate the pride Dale takes in getting that MPG and being easy on the equipment, so thank you!
Dale is the proud father of 4, … one of Dales sons races off road buggies and has gone as far to win worldly status, publication in magazines and a new race vehicle … pretty darn cool. Dale is proud of all his kids, he has great stories about them and all their accomplishments.
It's great to have you on the team Dale, we enjoy your company and look forward to hearing about your kids, life and your funny stories. Happy Birthday!