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Happy Birthday Roger

Happy Birthday Roger!

Roger celebrated his birthday over-the-road on the 13th of April and was finally able to “have his cake” and celebrate with the High Tech team today.

Roger has been with the High Tech family for a long time, and when I say long time I really do mean A LONG time. Roger started out with our sister company, back in the 80’s. He was what we called a “shop boy” and started work with us back then at the young, ripe age of 18!!! Wow how time flies.
Roger has been with High Tech since before it was High Tech… now that’s a long time Roger!
Roger is well know around town and in the trucking world. He’s logged, hauled chips, dry vans, maintained yards, tractor maintenance and more; he’s our “all around” guy and is capable of pretty much any task that’s needed at the time. Roger is a very valuable member of our team.
He is well know for his professional driving skills and expertise in the trucking industry. He has a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful to have him here with us at High Tech!
Happy Birthday Roger & thank you for all you do.