Weather Update

Arizona + Snow = Flagstaff!!!

It’s mid-April and just this past weekend, here in sunny Arizona, we received 8 inches of snow! It was a full on blizzard this past Saturday, my fire place was roaring all day. Today, looking out my office window, as I write this blog post, it’s nothing but BEAUTIFUL outside and I wish I wasn’t sitting here at my desk, rather I can imagine myself on a nice bike ride, enjoying the spring temperatures, mid 60’s and ohhhh so lovely.

Flagstaff Arizona isn’t your typical Arizona setting, as you may have guessed. We are located near the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, along the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the United States! Pretty impressive don’t ya’ think? We are situated at 7,00 feet which puts us as a high elevation semi-desert and that elevation explains why we are still being snowed on, even in April!

imagesBeautiful Flagstaff Arizona, OUR HOME!! Come visit!