Happy Holidays

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From the entire team here at High Tech
Have a wonderful holiday!

Happy Birthday James

James turned the big 37 today! He maintains a youthful look of 25, and I'm sure he still gets carded when he goes out (lucky guy!)
James started with High Tech in September of 2011 maintaining the yard in Bellemont for one of our top customers. He is well thought of and received many compliments for his hard work ethic. James drove the yard spotter up until May of 2012 when he was recruited by our sister company, Flag Truck Center and is currently training to be a professional mechanic.
James proudly showed us his new tattoo that he finished on his shoulder, a birthday gift from his talented brother.
We enjoy having James as part of the Flag Truck and High Tech team. James is well liked by all that work with him here and I'm sure he has many friends who'd say the same.
If you see a custom, white, Honda Civic zipping by you on Route 66; loud and fast, that's probably our James!
Hope your year is great James, we're glad you're part of the team. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Danny

Danny had a big birthday this year (but the exact number will remain our little secret).
Danny started back up with High Tech just recently however, he is no stranger to these parts. Most of us have known Danny since the mid 80's (like 1985 to be exact) when he was part of the logging crew back in the 'good ole days'.
Danny was also here at High Tech's beginnings in 1995 and teamed with Pam on many road trips. On one of those trips Danny acquired his infamous nickname "Beetlejuice". It's still what we call him to this day!
Not only is Danny part of the family here at High Tech, he is a well traveled truck driver. He's been all over this country and knows most parts of the United States better than anyone here, it seems he's done it all.
Danny is also an active grandfather, raising his beautiful granddaughter out in the country east of Flagstaff with his wife Sherri. This summer they will be expanding their family and welcoming another sweet girl into their loving home. I can honestly say that his granddaughters are very lucky to have him in their lives, he's very proud of them and is making sure they have a good life.
We all enjoy Danny's stories and great sense of humor. It's good to have you back here Danny.
Hope your birthday is wonderful!

Happy Birthday Cartee

Happy Birthday Cartee!!
Today our fellow team member, Cartee, celebrated his birthday. Cartee is a valued employee of High Tech, working locally spotting trailers and performing yard maintenance for a valued, long term customer of High Tech's. Cartee is going on his eighth year with High Tech, wow, 8 YEARS! Cartee is not only a professionally driver he is also a dedicated husband, father and son.
Cartee is very much a family man. He dearly loves his mom and speaks highly of her quite often. Cartee plants his mom's garden for her every year, the beginning of June (that's her secret to a successful garden in a rather hard to grow area, as Flagstaff is dry and at 7,000 feet…) we've all taken gardening advise from Cartee and his mom.
Cartee is also an avid hunter and for as often as I see that boat behind his pick-up truck on Friday's, I would venture to guess he's a fisherman too.
Cartee and his wife, Nancy, are great people and we are happy to have Cartee on our team. Thank you for your hard work Cartee, here's to another year and many more trips to Laughlin! Hope your day was wonderful!

Tammie's Special Day

Today was Tammie's Special Day!

Happy Birthday Tammie
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Tammie works at our sister company, Flag Truck Center. We all share office/land space together… one big happy family/team.
Tammie is going on her 7th year with Flag Truck Center. She was a transplant to Flagstaff from San Diego, her home for many, many years. Tammie is a smart woman, we all know that. From being our IT person to taking care of the books at FTC and holding down the fort during the night shift… she is and has always been an invaluable asset to our team.
Tammie is also major dog lover. She makes most of our dogs look like orphans. Her two sweet pups are Gina and Peekaboo. These two girls are like Tammie's kids and are usually the topic of many great stories here at work.
If you even get a chance to meet Tammie you'll likely remember her for her contagious laugh and loving spirit.
Happy Birthday Tammie. We wish you all the best and many, many years of youthful looks!

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy Birthday Doug!

Doug celebrates a big birthday today and we are proud to have Doug on our team here at High Tech Transportation.

Doug primarily drives over-the-road, running unit 84, a Blue T-800 Kenworth.

Doug has been with High Tech for almost 8 years. He is a smart, well read guy who is a pleasure to work with. Doug has done a lot in his life, including ranching and raising two handsome boys.

Not only is Doug a professional driver, he makes one-of-a-kind jewelry on the side. A talented guy all the way around! And as you can see from his picture, he is a fun person to be around.

Hope your birthday was wonderful, thanks for another great year Doug!


Saftey is Priority

High Tech Transportation, Inc. has proudly been in business for over 15 years. We are proud of our drivers and their continued commitment to safety.

We currently have zero violations for Unsafe Driving!