Tammie's Special Day

Today was Tammie's Special Day!

Happy Birthday Tammie
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Tammie works at our sister company, Flag Truck Center. We all share office/land space together… one big happy family/team.
Tammie is going on her 7th year with Flag Truck Center. She was a transplant to Flagstaff from San Diego, her home for many, many years. Tammie is a smart woman, we all know that. From being our IT person to taking care of the books at FTC and holding down the fort during the night shift… she is and has always been an invaluable asset to our team.
Tammie is also major dog lover. She makes most of our dogs look like orphans. Her two sweet pups are Gina and Peekaboo. These two girls are like Tammie's kids and are usually the topic of many great stories here at work.
If you even get a chance to meet Tammie you'll likely remember her for her contagious laugh and loving spirit.
Happy Birthday Tammie. We wish you all the best and many, many years of youthful looks!