Happy Birthday Larry


Happy Birthday to a well respected, very knowledgable, easy going, and super funny guy! Larry celebrated his birthday this past weekend and we had cake on Monday to prove it!
Larry has been with Flag Truck Center for almost 7 years as the parts and service manager. He is well known around town for his expertise in the heavy duty truck repair industry, he' been doing it nearly his entire life. Flag Truck Center is very lucky to have Larry on their team; he's a great work colleague, mentor and friend to all he works with.
Larry has three beautiful granddaughters of whom he talks highly of and adores greatly. Larry enjoys hanging out with his family, riding quads at the cinders and working at Flag Truck Center {wink, wink}. I can say that without Larry around here, it would be a a very dull environment. Larry keeps us on our toes, from the daily news to the best fishing holes and all the good/funny stuff in between, there is never a dull moment.
Hope your birthday was fabulous Larry, from your friends and colleagues here at High Tech and Flag Truck, we send you many, many happy wishes for an amazing year ahead!

Happy Birthday Rod!

Happy Birthday Rod!
& welcome aboard :)
Rod celebrated his birthday today and he started working here at High Tech today too!
Rod may be our newest team member here at HTTI but he is a well known friend/colleague to all of us! Rod is a familiar face as he's been trucking/logging/equipment hauling for years and years (even though he's only 24! wink, wink).
I've personally known Rod my whole life and have many fond memories of growing up skiing together and hanging out with his family.
He brings a wealth of knowledge to the High Tech team and invaluable experience.
It's great to have another familiar guy on our team, and it's even better to have a friend.
Happy Birthday Rod, hope it was great and WELCOME TO THE TEAM! It's great to have you here… we're looking forward to what the future brings.

Happy Birthday Cartee

Happy Birthday Cartee!!
Today our fellow team member, Cartee, celebrated his birthday. Cartee is a valued employee of High Tech, working locally spotting trailers and performing yard maintenance for a valued, long term customer of High Tech's. Cartee is going on his eighth year with High Tech, wow, 8 YEARS! Cartee is not only a professionally driver he is also a dedicated husband, father and son.
Cartee is very much a family man. He dearly loves his mom and speaks highly of her quite often. Cartee plants his mom's garden for her every year, the beginning of June (that's her secret to a successful garden in a rather hard to grow area, as Flagstaff is dry and at 7,000 feet…) we've all taken gardening advise from Cartee and his mom.
Cartee is also an avid hunter and for as often as I see that boat behind his pick-up truck on Friday's, I would venture to guess he's a fisherman too.
Cartee and his wife, Nancy, are great people and we are happy to have Cartee on our team. Thank you for your hard work Cartee, here's to another year and many more trips to Laughlin! Hope your day was wonderful!